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vespa_electric_bikeThe Urban Scooters website has a wide variety of electric scooters and riding toys for kids, as well as teenagers and adults. The site also has all of the information that you need to make an intelligent decision on what electric scooter your child should be riding on. What we have attempted to do at Electric Bikes -n- Scooters, is to create a chart so that you can visibly see what the differences are between all of the different models of electric scooters that Urban Scooters offers. We have created an easy comparison chart for you to quickly glance at and help you make an intelligent decision about what scooter would be the best for you. We hope that you will bookmark this webpage and refer to it whenever you need to, and if you find it very handy, you can also pass on this information to your friends.

Most of these electric scooters are made by the company called X-Treme and Urban Scooters also offers some of the scooters from Go-Ped which is also a manufacturer of high quality electric scooters for kids, teenagers and adults. We have also provided links to the various webpages that Urban Scooters has so that if you decide to read more about these particular electric scooters you can easily do so.

Electric Scooter Comparrison Chart

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  Speed Range Motor Drive Battery Charge Breaks Dimensions Height Folded Carrying Capacity Tires Weight


x100 electric scooterThe X-Treme X-1O mini electric scooter is a great transitional electric scooter because kids that are used to riding on push scooters can advance to the next level of electric scooter. Your kids will feel like grown-ups because this type of electric scooter is modeled after scooters for older kids and operates on a variable speed twist model as well as hand lever brakes. This electric scooter is very convenient because it can be folded up and put away so that it does not take up a lot of room in your house. Kids will really enjoy the speed which can get up to about 8 miles an hour and has a range of about 5 miles on a 100 W motor. You won't have to worry about damaging this scooter too much because it is made of high tensile strength steel and it is impact resistant it also has a non-– slip grip surface on its deck so that your child won't slip off of the frame. With a belt driven train and a 24 Volt battery which is maintenance free, your child will have at least 3 to 6 hours of great riding time. The X-Treme X-1O mini electric scooter also comes with adjustable height handlebars as well as a kickstand, Smart battery charger in the toolkit. It also has an on and off toggle switch for ignition. This is just the scooter to make your child feel like we are grown up and having a blast.

You can read more about the specifications for the scooter by clicking here: The X-Treme X-1O or learn more about them at the Urban Scooters website here: The X-Treme X-1O at Urban Scooters


x140 scooter for kids

The X-Treme X-140 This electric scooter is a slight upgrade from the X-Treme X-1O. just like the X-1O, the 140 is a great electric scooter for kids but it really is not suited for writing across rocks or on level terrain. It will also probably wear out going up the hills as well. However, this is still a great electric scooter for kids is more heavy than the X-1O allowing a higher weight capacity. Despite the added weight dimensions, you can still travel up to about 6 to 8 miles on a single charge and attain speeds of 9 mi./h. This electric scooter also comes with a rear drum braking system for safety and a handbrake that automatically disengages the throttle of the electric scooter for increased safety.

To see more specifications about this great electric scooter you can click on this link right here: X-Treme X-14O electric scooter or you can go to the Urban Scooters website.


The X-Treme X-250 is an upgrade from the X-Treme X-14O mini electric scooter. Not only does it have more power but it has a seat as well. This particular electric scooter has a 250 Watt electric motor and can run up to 13 miles an hour while traveling distances of about 8 to 10 miles. Just like the X-Treme X-140 mini electric scooter, the frame is made of the high tensile strength steel frame and it also has a belt driven motor with a variable speed thumb throttle. Once again, this electric scooter can be folded up and put away, and it is noise free which should make you happy as well as your neighbors while being environmentally friendly. The charging time for the rechargeable 24 V batteries are from 6 to 8 hours and not only does it have a battery charger but it has a battery level indicator on the scooter as well. The X-Treme X-250's seat has been created to be very comfortable because it seat is adjustable, shock absorbing, as well as being spring-loaded for a smoother ride. It also comes with a toolkit and kickstand. This is an excellent kids electric scooter for the money and you can be sure that they will have hours of fun time riding it.

You can read more on this great electric scooter by consulting our comparison chart here: X-Treme X-250 or you can go to the Urban Scooters website and see more information here: X-Treme X-250 electric scooter for kids.

x-treme X300 electric scooter

The X-Treme X-300 This is a great medium sized electric scooter for kids which has quite a few upgrades from the X-250. For example, the X-300 sports a 300 Watt electric motor which can bring you up to speed of about 15 miles an hour, while going 8 to 10 miles on a single charge from the 24 Volt maintenance-free batteries. So, you can easily see, the performance on this electric scooter is well worth the money. Add to that the fact that you still get the high tensile strength steel frame as well as aluminum racing handlebars and a adjustable height shock absorbing seat with a quick release system so that you can easily remove it or install it in just seconds. Safety features include on this electric scooter front vented this braking system and an on and off toggle switch ignition. Other features include battery level indicators, kickstand as well as a toolkit.

To check out the features of this great electric scooter please consult our comparison chart above by clicking this link: X-Treme X-300 or you can go to the Urban Scooters website and check out this page X-Treme X-300 .


The X-Treme X-360 is a fantastic electric scooter that moves into a category that is suited for teens and adults. This is a powerful electric scooter with a 350 W motor and can get you up to 18 miles an hour. The 36 Volt rechargeable electric battery can take you up to a range of about 15 to 20 miles on a chain driven, variable speed throttle and another high tensile steel frame and a durable plastic body. With a weight around 59 pounds this is a very powerful electric scooter and can carry up to 300 pounds while only weighing 59 pounds itself! Not only is this a powerful electric scooter but it is also a very convenient one because not only does it fold up but the handlebars also fold for easy storage and transportation. There is a key ignition for added security and a key lock battery compartment as well as headlights, brakes, electric horn, a rear cargo box, speedometer, kickstand, toolkit as well as a battery level gauge so that you know exactly when you need to charge the battery (battery charge time is about four hours) . As we said before, this is a new category of electric scooter for the X-Treme series and safety gear as well as precautions need to be taken while writing this outstanding electric scooter

. To read more about this electric scooter please consult the chart above by clicking here:X-Treme X-360 or you can go to the Urban Scooters site by clicking here: X-Treme X-360 electric scooter.


X-Treme X-600 - with the speed of up to about 20 miles an hour and a distance of about 10 miles, the X-600 is X-Treme's powerhouse of an electric scooter. This baby carries a 600 Watt electric motor and can go up Hills while tackling rough terrain with its suspension system and dual loaded spring shocks. The X-Treme X-600 has plenty of upgrades and loaded features to keep the average teen or adult well occupied and having fun. There is an optional seat which is very padded and can be put on or taken off very quickly from the high tensile steel frame and durable plastic body. Add to that the aluminum racing handlebars and the ability do carry up to 250 pounds easily and you can see why this is a very popular electric scooter for teens and adults. This electric scooter also have the added features of an adjustable height seat as well as an on and off toggle switch, Smart battery charger, kickstand as well as a toolkit. You won't want to miss hours of fun on this great, high-powered electric scooter.

To read more about this great electric scooter, look here: X-Treme X-600 , or you can go to the Urban Scooters website to check out this wonderful electric scooter.


The Go-Ped ESR 750EX - If you or your teenager wants a riding experience that is second and none, then the Go-Ped ESR 750EX is definitely an electric scooter you need to take a look at. Actually this electric scooter is more for the adult class of commuter and pleasure rider than for younger children, however teenagers and college students will really get a charge out of this as well. This electric vehicle can accelerate up to 20 miles an hour and can cruise for about 12 miles more a single charge. There are 424 V sealed batteries on this unit and it will take up to seven hours to charge it but it is well worth the wait. Not only can this electric scooter ride on flat surfaces but it can also take hills with these. Because it is a high quality electric scooter, it is very durable utilizing aircraft quality carbon steel frame to keep it strong yet light and a chain driven drive with a self adjusting chain tensioner this electric scooter has all the bells and whistles that you will need to have a great writing experience. For safety features there are front disc brakes and 10 inch pneumatic all terrain tires to keep you on the road.

To read more about this exciting electric scooter consult the chart above here: ESR750EX Electric Scooter or you can just jump to this website: Urban Scooters Electric Scooters


The Go-Ped ESR 750H Hoverboard This is an ultimate ride that you or your teenagers will really get a charge out of. Utilizing a Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system this hoverboard is a ride bill for absolute fun because the riding and handling characteristics of this on our off-road vehicle are just what you need to take with you on a road trip where there are accessible trails for you to ride on. Sporting a 1000 W 24 Volt charging system, this electric scooter can get up to 20 miles an hour in its turbo mode and 12 miles an hour and the economy mode. Even though it has a charging time of up to seven hours this 24 V sealed lead acid battery system with a built-in battery charger is well worth the wait as you hit the trails or road on this heavy duty, yet ultralight aircraft quality carbon steel frame and fork. With 10 inch pneumatic tires you'll have no problems gripping the road or handling some rough terrain is aching carry up to 250 pounds on its capacity. You really can't beat this ride for the comfort as well as control that you will have. This electric scooter comes with an battery level indicator, smart battery charger, kickstand as well as an on-off power switch. So get out there and really enjoy yourself with a super great hoverboard/scooter from Go-Ped.

Don't take our word for it go and check out this great electric scooter today by clicking on this link :Go-Ped ESR 750H or by going to the Urban Scooters site here: Go-Ped ESR 750H Hoverboard


The X-Treme XB-420M Three Wheel Electric Scooter is a package of three wheeled fun that nobody can resist. X-Treme put a student will under this electric scooter for better balance and greater stability. This is probably the fastest three wheeled electric scooter on the market today topping off at about 15 miles an hour and a range of about 15 to 20 miles, powered by a 500 Watt electric motor that will curl your toes. You can just imagine the fun you will have off-road bouncing around on heavier terrain as the high tensile strength steel frame, hydraulic shocks and wheelie bar protects you and your vehicle from the heart terrain that you will just love to run on. There is also an electric motor drive system which is connected to the rear axle that allows you to put the vehicle in reverse and it also has a variable speed throttle. There are front and rear drum brakes on this great electric scooter for added safety and it has comfortable folding seats with arm rests on it. Because there is a reverse to this vehicle there is a forward and reverse which, keyed ignition and dual rear view mirrors with a speedometer. After that a couple other great features like a horn, headlights, turn signals, baskets integrate Smart battery charger with the toolkit that will round out the fun ensemble needed for a great time.

To find out more about this excellent three wheeled electric scooter, you can click here for comparisons: X-Treme XB-420M or go to the Urban Scooters site here: X-Treme XB-420M Three Wheel Electric Scooter