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Electric bikes These have radically changed over the last 20 years. Not only has there been vast improvements in the electric bike hub motor, but there has also been radical changes in battery technology, as well as torque sensors, power controls, and a host of other innovations. We present the best electric bikes on the market for your perusal, as well as innovative insights and reviews here.



Electric scooters have also changed over the last 15 to 20 years as well. favored by college students and people that are environmentally concerned, these types of scooters have become popular all over the world, especially in countries where the infrastructure of cities is much more dense and people live closer to where they work at. New radical designs have emerged lately in battery technology as well as motor technology which is enabling electric scooter enthusiasts to travel faster and farther then ever before.



Conversion kits are a great way to save money while turning your favorite street bike into an electric bicycle. Recently, electric bicycle conversion kits have become very popular with kids and adults alike, which has caused a proliferation of conversion kit companies around the planet. These kits now come in a wide variety of different configurations and systems and we will discuss the different types, as well as the pros and cons of their use and installation here.



Aritcles and free stuff section features a plethora of information on this subject you may be interested in. Over the years we have written extensively about the culture of electric bikes, scooters and also many of the world wide events, laws, and innovations that affect them. Some of these articles were written years ago, and we are happy to share them with you here. Also, we have built a few e-books highlighting different aspects of the electric bikes -n- scooters culture that we hope you'll enjoy.


Electric bike, scooter, moped, conversion kits corporations - If you are looking for companies that sell any of these electric vehicles, then take a look at our resource page. We will present a wide spectrum of manufacturers, dealers and suppliers on this page.